Megan Schaulis

Author, traveler, and teacher sharing the message of grace and abundance available to all believers

“I want to encourage readers to stop living on the border of God’s goodness and dive into the greater life He died to provide. ”

Debut novel: Newcomer

James has always known the King is good—not that anyone has ever met him.

James Lamont doesn’t have a rescue story. Not like the Newcomers—those recently rescued from a life of destruction in Adeland and brought safely to Lucia by the power of the King.

When Victoria, the Newcomer James has fallen for, receives a personal invitation to meet the King, James is doubly rejected. In his hurt, he uncovers family secrets that push him to join Victoria and face the King himself. But James’ nightmares are getting worse. As he and Victoria cross the mountains, James’ hold on reality crumbles. To reach the King, he’ll have to fight for his sanity and face his biggest fear of all—Will the King accept him when he arrives or send him away for good?

About the author

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About the author

After spending a year traveling the country in a 100-square-foot camper with her husband, daughter and dog, Megan Schaulis returned home to Colorado and wrote her first novel. Today, she splits her time between writing and managing Kettle Fire Creative, the branding firm she co-owns with her husband.

As an author, Megan combines her experience as a special education teacher and professional brand writer with her desire to see all believers walk in the fullness of God’s goodness.

Megan has a B.A. in Journalism from Arizona State University. She is currently seeking literary representation.