Megan Schaulis

Writer | Traveler | Teacher

“I want to encourage readers to stop living on the border of God’s goodness and dive into the greater life He died to provide. ”

Nurse Zeke cares for his patients in forced silence until the day he’s challenged to speak. Will his words destroy these fragile lives or bring the healing they need?

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    What I'm writing

    Young adult faith-based fiction with a touch of wonder

    Fiction is a powerful tool. Often, we can receive wisdom through stories that we hesitate to consider when presented outright. My stories will always point readers to the goodness of God. While the characters may live in a very different time or place than us, He is still the answer.

    My debut series, a YA dystopian reimagining of the Bible’s Esther, will release with WhiteCrown Publishing in 2024.

    About Megan

    About Megan

    After a year of traveling the country in a 100-square-foot camper with her husband, daughter and dog, Megan Schaulis returned home and wrote her first novel.

    Megan has a B.A. in Journalism from Arizona State University and is a member of the ACFW. As a special education teacher, she helped young people fall in love with reading and writing. Today, she uses words in playful and creative ways at her branding agency. She lives in Abilene, Texas, where you’ll find her staying up way too late reading or hiking with her husband and curly haired daughter.