Jesus & the Wheels on the Bus: A Worship Story by Megan Schaulis

Jesus & the Wheels on the Bus: A Worship Story

Do you know that God truly understands you? He gets it. He’s walked it.

Yet, there are things Jesus didn’t literally do while on earth. How could he possibly understand the mind-numbing effects of listening to the same preschool songs on repeat, for instance?

Read about this powerful worship moment I experienced a while back. I hope it encourages you that the God we worship really does understand.

A moment to worship

Ok, God, it’s just you and me. This is going to be such a sweet, intimate time. I’m ready.

The well-intentioned thoughts poured out as I pushed my toddler’s stroller toward the park. We had the morning to ourselves, and I decided to use our ten-minute walk to really dig in with Jesus. You know. Those moments where you’re eager to fellowship with your Lord and hear all He wants to say. I wanted to get into it.

Jesus, you’re so beautiful. Your majesty—The wheels on the bus—um, your majesty blows my mind. Lord, I’m in awe of your—go open and shut—your power and love.

I tried again. Pushing the stroller on up the hill, I really focused my thoughts on Him.

Jesus, I want to worsh—The wheels on the bus go open and shut—worship you, adore you.

What was that? Why couldn’t I just give Jesus my attention? And not only couldn’t I get the stupid song out of my head, I couldn’t even get the words right! (For those unfamiliar, wheels go round and round not open and shut.)

I gave it one more try.


It was impossible. I started profusely apologizing to God in my head, so embarrassed that my mommy brain couldn’t take five minutes to adore my Creator. Then, something beautiful happened. Deep in my spirit, I could hear Him, see Him.

“It’s okay,” He said tenderly. “We can do this together instead.”

Then, the hands that formed the Heavens and placed the stars in the sky opened and shut, opened and shut. In my heart of hearts, the Word become flesh Himself sang the wrong words to a preschool song and even did the silly actions. It was one of the most beautiful moments of worship I’ve had in years.

The God who understands

Sweet friend, can I encourage you with the truth that He gets it? He gets you. He’s the God who understands. The King of kings wasn’t disappointed in my offering. He showed me His true nature by meeting me right in that moment.

One of the Lord’s names is Emmanuel—God with us. I’d dare to say that in that ridiculous and lovely time of communion with my Savior, He revealed Himself to me as “God with us” in a new and deeper way.

In what ways has He been “God with us” to you in this season? I’d love to hear your story! Drop me a line and share.

Photo by Vahid Moeini Jazani via Unsplash.

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