No Patience Needed: 3 things the Bible says you don't have to wait for by Megan Schaulis

No Patience Required: 3 Things God Says You Don’t Have to Wait For

If you’re sick of waiting for…anything, this message is for you! Read on to learn three beautiful gifts the Bible says you do NOT have to wait for. No patience required!

The “maybe later” God

My four-year-old daughter has adopted a new coping mechanism whenever she doesn’t get her way. She tells herself, “Maybe later.” The sentiment is often true when she wants things like cookies for breakfast or to wear summer dresses in February. It’s reasonable to assume those things could happen later. (But not the cookies. They will never be a breakfast food in our house. I know. I’m no fun at all.)

When your kid latches onto a new catch phrase, you inevitably get it stuck in your head, too. So now, as the need for patience piles up around me, I find myself sighing internally with a “maybe later.”

A while back, I received an update from a publisher who’s considering my novel. The update was not a rejection—Praise Jesus! However, I will have to do some more waiting. Maybe later this dream will come true.

This is the part where you’d expect me to expound on the value of patience, how it’s a fruit of the Spirit and an essential part of life. You probably think I’m going to write a nice note about “waiting well.”

But nope! Not today! Ha.

Instead, here are three things the Bible says you DO NOT have to wait for. These beautiful promises require zero patience. You can have them right now, this second.

1. Salvation

You don’t have to exercise any patience to claim the greatest of all gifts. The nanosecond you believe on Jesus, He is faithful to save you!  There’s no application to submit, no review board, no wait and see. You call on His name, and He saves. Done. (Romans 10:13)

I once had a friend who said he needed to clean up his life, then he could come to God. This horrific lie still makes me want to burst into tears. Dear friend, that is NOT how salvation works.

If you’re in Christ, you are brand new (2 Corinthians 5:17). You don’t need to wait until you earn enough Jesus points to cash in for joy and peace. You are a magnificent new creation, loaded with benefits, right now.

2. God’s presence

God doesn’t hide in a church building and only come out to play on Sundays. His people—that’s us—are His dwelling place. Whether we feel it or not, God’s presence cannot be taken from us. He even calls Himself the LORD who is there (Ezekiel 48:35).

This can be confusing because Old Testament believers experienced the Holy Spirit in one place at a time. They’d wait for the Spirit to fall on a specific person for a certain task or with a special message.

But the cross changed all of that.

Now, with Jesus in us, we can never be separated from His love and His presence (Romans 8:38-39). You don’t have to wait for a church service, conference, or special worship moment to engage with Him. You have Him right now! Knowing you continually possess his presence might even help stir up some patience for the other stuff.

3. Enough faith

Subconsciously, many of us are waiting until we have “enough faith” to live big, bold lives. We’re eagerly awaiting the moment when a tidal wave of faith crashes into us and carries us into the life God has in store.

Spoiler alert: that’s not how it works.

Romans 12:3 says “…God has dealt to each one the measure of faith.” With Christ in you, you have all the faith you’ll ever need!

If it seems like you’re lacking faith, it’s more likely the culprits are fear, doubt, or unbelief. But be encouraged—you have plenty of faith!

Still waiting?

Friend, if you’re in a season of perpetual waiting, I see you. I get you, and I’d love to stand with you, just shoot me an email or add a comment and know I’ll be praying and believing for you in your waiting.

Personally, I’m tired of “maybe later” and ready for “here it is!” But thank God, His love is steadfast, His goodness is for right now, and His promises are mine today.

Photo by Vitalijs Barilo on Unsplash

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