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The True Source of Creativity

I recently wrote blog on how to stir up creativity. While that post for my creative firm, Kettle Fire Creative, contained solid advice, it’s not the best advice I could possibly give. Because the absolute best way to stir up creativity—I’d argue the only way to really be creative—is to know the Creator.

There are no “creatives”

I co-own a creative firm—a business that provides branding, graphic design, and web design services. When I tell people how my husband and I divide the work, folks often conclude that Josh is the “creative one.”


There are no “creatives.”

I truly believe that. There are simply more or less common ways for creativity to be expressed. Artists, writers, musicians, craftsman may express their creativity outwardly in easy-to-perceive ways, but they don’t get to own creativity, originality, or inspiration.

Made in His image

Genesis 1:27 says: “So God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

I’m made in the image of God, of Elohim, of the Creator. Among the many delightful implications of this truth is the fact that creativity is in my blood and breath. It is inherent in being human. It is a true and beautiful part of my nature. Every creative thought I have is simply an outpouring of the Creator through me.

How gracious and entirely wonderful of our God that He not only designed a lush and varied Earth and an indescribable universe, but He imparted a piece of that creativity in us!

You can’t lose your creativity

Since creativity is built into us by our Creator, we can’t lose it! If you work in an industry where you exercise a lot of creativity in your job, like me, you probably get burned out. You can feel tired or uninspired. You can be bored with your work.

But you can’t lose your creativity.

This is great news for people like me who need to be creative to be productive…and to get paid. I’ve had many moments where I thought, “I’ve lost it. It’s gone. It’s all dried up. I have no more words, no more stories, and no more patience.”

Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “I’ll never write another page, design another logo, paint another picture, play another note, sing another song, act another role…”

There are dozens of articles filled with ways to re-ignite your creative flow, including the one I recently wrote. For the most parts, the tips they give are useful ways to get out of a rut and get moving again. But unless you know the true source of creativity as the one and only Creator God, and unless you know that He connected you to His own creative heart—you’ll keep sliding into those thoughts.

Remember that creativity was gifted to you by God as part of your humanity. He won’t take it away. And you can’t use it. Multiple times a week, I will put my hands on my husband’s head or shoulders and tell him he is a vessel of the Creator God who is delighted to work through him.

No joke. I actually do this. And he might not admit it, but he loves hearing it.

Prayer for the creative heart

Elohim, Creator, Father—

Thank you for creating a dazzling world.
Thank you for innumerable stars and crashing waves.
Thank you for swirling canyon walls and ancient trees.
And thank you for making me in Your image,
For allowing me to be a vessel, a conduit, of Your Spirit.
I am creative because You created me to be.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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